Match Report: 7th May, 6:00PM, Manland, Rothampstead Park

Manland v 'West Indies' in the gloom

Result: Crabtree 117/6 off 20 Manland 118/2 of 18

Crabtree lost the toss and were inserted. It was a grim, gloomy and gusty spring evening. Manland have been working hard on their fielding skills during the winter (albeit, this consisted of theory sessions in the Amble Inn) and it seems to have paid off, they were demons, turning 4's into singles, and singles into dots. They took every catch offered, five of the six wickets to fall. Most got started, and failed in the teens, no real batting highlights, just couldn't get the damn ball past the field. Probably a below par 117 on what was a good wicket for Rotho this time of year.
Manland set off at a cracking pace, their number 2 and 3 bats retiring on 29, and unfortunately they were aided on their way by some very West Indian-like fielding. Whilst there were few real chances, that is because we somehow managed to get to ball in flight just after it had flown. The last 8 overs were pretty grim in terms of light, not helped by the football pitch floodlights blinding anyone on the North side. Special mention to Rob who performed acrobatically with the gloves, and kept the batsmen very honest with his numerous direct hits (shame the only one he missed was the chap who made his ground). 1 wide and 4 byes (a 4) in 18 overs, pretty good. All the bowling was tight, the bats just had the measure of us.
Manland deserved the win and probably could have accelerated if they were chasing more, must arrange some fielding practice in the Engineer.

Match Reporter: Paul A

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