Match Report: 6th September, 1:00PM, Manland, Rothampstead Park

Manland retain the 'Cinders'

Result: Manland 242/2, Crabtree 166/7

Bit of a breeze, pitch the used one from the Saturday, but no real demons in it, lightening quick outfield, where is bloody Rob Cole when we need him ? Manland lost the toss and were inserted, the openers struggled for the first 10 overs, mostly down to the swing generated by messers Threlfall and Parkinson, especially to the left hander. If only we could have had 6 slips ! Nick and Chris bowled well, but wicketless, 32 runs each for their 8 overs, even with Crhis on his shortened run up. (Chris, the book says you had 8, but I believe you). Once Mr T got going he was unbeatable, don't think he offered a chance in his 40 overs of batting, scroing 152 not out (beat that Rob). We only managed two wickets, both to Nic, 8 overs 2-53, Matt conceded as many but with no wickets against a well set bat who liked it coming in fast. Daniel and the good Doc put in good spells, at roughly 5 an over.

Chasing that score needed a good start, instead we were 38 for 4 after  5 overs (a good start in terms of runs but not so hot in terms of wickets). Graham and Nick settled the ship with a good 60 run partnerhship, but we were well behind the asking rate, Graham persihing to the hurry up. Nick saw off an angry Ian Wedd (brave man, cover driving him twice in an over, glorious but mad), top scoring with 60 not out, ably supported by Matt for 9 overs.

At least we didn't capitulate abjectly. Need a better batting effort next year if we are to win those damn 'Cinders'

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