Match Report: 19th May, 6:00PM, SFDWP, Rothampstead Park

Result: Crabtree win by 4 wickets

SFDWP 70-9 (20 overs) Church 20, Cook 15*, Blanchard 2-5, Bailey 2-8, Martin 2-14  

Crabtree 73-6 (17 overs) Waters 19*, Jarvis 15, Fields 2-6, Spencer 2-7 WON by 4 wickets    

First win of the season thanks to a much improved bowling and fielding performance. SFDWP were 25-5 after 10 overs and 48-9 after 15, Rob was already mentally sipping his red wine and smoking a celebratary cigar at the Engineer after 2 catches and a stumping. Most attacking strokes seemed to lead to a dismissal, the wickets were shared by 6 bowlers with ample help from swing and variable bounce. A bit of late chancing the arm resulted in a recovery to 70 before Rob & Jonty went out to knock them off, ...or so we thought. 

After 9 overs we were 27-5 which included 4 byes from a decent length ball that nearly decapitated both batsman & keeper. Nic & Andy both came back shaking their heads in disbelief at the balls that got them. At the other end Simon was steadying the ship and when he was out we were only 14 short of winning. Special mention goes to Mr Chairman, 2 overs 1 for 1 followed by 19 no, including 3 boundaries. There is hope for us all.

Match Reporter: Chris Horn

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