Match Report: 8th June, 6:00PM, Manland, Rothampstead Park

Result: Crabtree lose by many runs

Manland 164 for 5

Crabtree 107 for 7

Not really at the races tonight, Manland warming up for their tour started strongly with several retirees, Tizzard especially scoring quickly with several big 6's. Bowling honours go to Martin G 3 overs, 1 for 15, Phil W 1 for 8 and Nic H 2 for 4. The other wicket was a superb run out by Rob C, throwing the wickets down to deny Manland a quick single.

Our only hope was a quick start, so in go Rob & Giles. 4 off the first ball, several more quickly follow and then... an lbw shout... no response from the umpire... Rob thinks he's safe...seconds pass... more seconds pass... Rob's pretty confidant he's safe...but...up goes the finger. Post watershed linguistics indicate some doubt in the batsman's mind about that one but the TV replay and hot spot analysts have inexplicably failed to turn up so he's off.

Several quick wickets then fell leaving us at 46 for 4 after 9 overs but good contributions from Giles C, 17; Steve S 26 no and Neil Rawlinson 22 ensured that we got into 3 figures but the bowling and especially the fielding didn't give us many runs.

Match Reporter: Chris Horn

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