Match Report: 7th July, 6:00PM, Garden Fields, TBC

Garden Fields 147 for 9, CCC 122 all out

Result: Lost by 25 runs

Well, where do I begin?.... so much happened on this balmy summers evening I dont know where to start- and nor did Fred and Tim as they merrily turned up at Rothie- completely the wrong venue. The rest of the team were, of course, at Verulamiumumumnumnm for a fixture we won last year and should have won again (have I spoilt it?)...... I think the best thing to do here is list the events and let you imagine for yourselves what an extraordinary evening it was.

Tom Tom Award- Fred and Tim
Golden ducks Horn and Evans
Dropped catch Sear (harsh)
Violent asbo- Walters head shot to sear who wasnt looking (lucky my helmet was)
Record Bowling over Jenkins (12 ball) - sorry Jonty - records are made to be beaten
Top scorers Hale 30, Bailey 19, Goodwin 16.
Top, Top scorers- Garden fields 147 (to our 122 all out)
Top Bowling- Hale 2 wickets for 4 off 3 overs (Dythan, Bailey, Horn and Goodwin also got two wickets each)- Damn, how did we lose?
Gag of the evening- Dythan.... Tim(after 12 ball over) 'Where do you want me, skip?' Dythan- 'Back at Rothie'
Pull of the evening- Bowman with out field Lycra-running-man fan (God, did he fancy you, Gary)

Match Reporter: Steve Sear

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