Match Report: 16th May, 6:00PM, SFDWP, Rothampstead Park

Crabtree v Sad Fat Dads With Pads

Result: Crabtree win by 5 runs

Crabtree kicked off their season against the Sad Fat Dads With Pads, in what should have been their third fixture of the season, securing a hard fought 5 run victory.

Unfortunately, rain had caused the first two games to be rained off and, after getting bowled off the third ball of the innings without troubling the scorers, Rob Cole left the field wishing the same had happened to this fixture.

The early loss of their opener without yet getting on the scoreboard for the season sent shockwaves through the Crabtree camp, but Al Rawlinson and Ben Newton steadied the ship with a productive partnership based almost entirely on singles or sixes. Newton eventually retiring on 35 followed by Rawlinson on 34, who put the cricket bat back in the bag for his final 6 of the day and got out the Driver, shouting ‘fore’ as he tee’d off before realizing he had cleared Long On comfortably.

Skipper Nic Hale solidified the middle overs scoring a chanceless 22 before Andy Baker and Chris Parkinson helped Crabtree to their eventual total of 132/5 with 20* and 12* respectively, what looked like a decent total on a pitch any cabbage farmer would be proud of.

Crabtree looked to be cruising early on in the Sad Fat Dads innings thanks mainly to Chris Parkinson’s miserly bowling (3 overs, 0 for 9) and Rob Cole’s wicket taking prowess (2 overs, 2 for 13). However, the opposition 4 and 5, Noden and Spencer, then rallied, tucking in to the bowling of Paul Arnerich (0 for 18 off 2) and Ben Newton (0 for 28 off 3) who generously tried to give the opposition back all the runs he had scored with the bat. Skipper Hale (3 overs, 1 for 19) and Giles Collingwood (2 overs, 2 for 14) then tidied things up after the main protagonists retired having reached their 25*. Andy Baker showed nerves of steel at the end bowling his 3 overs for only 16 and successfully ensuring the oppo didn’t spoil the Crabtree party by getting the 13 they needed off the final Baker over.

In the end it was probably Crabtree’s fielding that ensured the victory. Particular mention must go to Alex Schlich, who was as slick in the field as his name would suggest, and Chris Parkinson, who was amazed to discover that he could actually see the ball when fielding in his glasses. Graham Reid also kept wicket superbly saving Crabtree plenty of runs with some gazelle-like stops down the leg side. Among numerous highlights in the field were Alex Schlich’s sharp catch, Newton and Arnerich having a hopping race whilst chasing one down and most of all Nic Hale’s lesson on how not to perform a long barrier.

In the end it was Cricket, not Crabtree, who was the winner with several of the team hoping news of this game filters up to Andy Flower, secretly hoping for a call-up should Ian Bell fail or Tim Bresnan break down again. Failing any Test Call ups Crabtree were pleased to start the season with a well fought win and retired to The Engineer with the opposition to celebrate the victory.

Match Reporter: Ben Newton

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