Match Report: 5th July, 6:00PM, Garden Fields, TBC

The nine men of Crabtree record fine win

Result: Crabtree win by

The one day in the week when no rain was forecast luckily coincided with our scheduled match against Garden Fields in the lovely setting of Verulamium Park beneath a sunlit Abbey, the view of the lake  and with wild rabbits hopping through the would have been a lovely backdrop for a £22m Constable Masterpiece if the scene had not been spoilt by Nic Hale choosing to bare his spindly white legs for all to see in his effort to don his whites !!!!

Crabtree managed to cobble together 9 players – others perhaps deterred by the exhorbitant £1.30 parking cost in Verulamium !!!!. Gary Bowman volunteered to skipper the side and all were encouraged by his claim to have never skippered a losing Crabtree side. Crabtree batted first on a somewhat green looking strip which astute Gary must have reckoned would break up as the match wore on !!!. We got off to a solid start before openers Jarvis ( 5 ) was bowled and Arnerich ( 15 ) was given out LBW ( by nameless Crabtree umpire ). This signalled the arrival of big hitting Ben Newton, who ultimately plundered 42 after going back in after statutory retirement, and Nic Hale who scored a measured and controlled 27 not out. Knocks of 16 from Martin Goodwin and 13 from Jonty kept the score jogging along to a respectable and defendable 130.

Garden Fields ( who generously loaned us two fielders ) also started solidly, despite the loss of a wicket in the first over, and had over 40 runs on the board after only 6 overs. Nervous glances around the field as Crabtree sensed a defeat coming were short lived as “ never lost a match as skipper” Bowman went through the gears with some subtle field placings and crucial bowling changes. Very good and economical bowling then ensued with Goodwin ( 2 for 14 ), Jarvis ( 0 for 13 ), Hale ( 2 for 9 ), Newton ( 1 for 13 ), Bowman ( 2 for 12 ) and Arnerich ( 0 for 25 )kept the Garden fields scoring at bay. However the star of the show was yet to bowl and with marked reluctance Jon Walters ( son of the legend ) agreed to turn his arm over.....a very apt expression in this instance as Jon turning his arm over is more akin to an octopus trying to put on a jersey !!! Nevertheless three overs later and with figures of 3 for 12 he had totally knocked the stuffing out of the Garden Fields batting resulting in them being all out some 20 runs short of the target. Special mention should go to the Crabtree fielding with no less than five held catches (2 by there anything he cant do !!! ), one superbly taken by Sear behind the stumps.

The sausages and chips in the Six Bells always taste better after a win !!

Match Reporter: Jonty

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