Match Report: 8th June, 1:30PM, Red Bat, Rothampstead Park

Result: Won by 100 runs

Bare Facts:  35 over game.  Crabtree batted first, scoring 210-9.  Rookie David Rees scoring 70, Ben Newton, Tim Jenkins, Paul Arnerich, Aidan Goodall and Nathan Ascroft all chipping in. In reply, Red Bat were about 110 all out in 34 overs.  Wickets for N and C Threlfall and Tim Jenkins and four for that man David (Dai) Rees.

What the bare facts can't tell you:  On a wonderful summer's day on the lower pitch, the Crabtree five with guests from the Bush and other friends and relatives played a hugely enjoyable game against the ever friendly Red Bat.  A game played with great humour and blessed with a wonderful tea that can only encourage more Sunday participation.  The stand out moments include Paul Arnerich's reaction to being given out (to be fair he was going very well at the time)... Chris "Smashy" Threlfall, living up to his nickname by getting off the mark with a six...Dai "I'm really a bowler" Rees scoring a not out fifty on debut, not a single shot going more than ankle height above the ground..Ben Newton scoring a quickfire 30, barely a single shot touching the ground inside the boundary.  One notable six almost taking out a group of small children, who were swiftly and wisely moved on by their parents...Tim Jenkins blasting 20 of a Steve Hewlitt over, and Steve then getting his man...Giles Croot breaking landspeed records between the wickets in scoring 2 out of an unbroken 40 partnership in the last 5 overs.

After tea the drama continued:  Nick T and Ian Blanchard supported by Nathan and Giles ensured the victory by bowling tightly.  Red Bat's first wicket was caught at first slip by Nathan, clearly unaware that Crabtree Dads regard slip catching as unsporting behaviour. Under severe scoreboard pressure Red Bat collapsed to Chris Threlfall (supported by a very sharp Bonney stumping on the second bounce & no one saw that coming) Tim Jenkins who reminded us what a bowler he is and Dai Rees, can there have been a better Welsh spinner since Merlin?  Fielder of the day was Giles Croot, stopped everything that came his way and effected a stunning run out from square leg.  The run out trumping the text book display of long and short barriers, both left and right handed from Smashy.

A big thank you to everyone who turned out, especially our guests and the opposition, and also for the fantastic tea.

Can't wait for the next game!!

Match Reporter: Nick Threlfall

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