Match Report: 16th June, 6:00PM, SFDWP, Verulamium Park

Rich Bailey 6 6 6 6 4 in one over

Result: Lost by 5 runs

The UN should be told about this strip, there was one rabbit hole just short of a length on leg stump that had been loosely filled with dust, lethal !

Saddoes elected to bat and they pumped the ball around when they could reach it, putting on a good total on this wicket, losing a few along the way. I don't think our bowlers adapted to the massive tilt down towards the Cathedral as well as we could as, particularly from the Southern end, there was a lot of leg side action. Key to keeping the score as low as it was, was the prowess of Steve behind the sticks, he was simply unbelievable ! He took a soft gloved edge two yards down the leg side, the only people that knew there was a glove involved (rather than the rank wide ball it looked) was the bat and Steve, and the bat very generously walked. Darren's return to the Crabtree fold was greeted by being ball magnet, he covered a lot of ground, and Rich was also in  the thick of it. One or two misfields and possibly a drop or two, but a very good fielding performance on this awful outfield, and the bowlers did their best. Lovely to see Simon 'Stukka' Jarvis bang in the swing, maybe one net might have helped sort the length out, but he had it sorted for the second over, absolutely miserly !

Rich and Rob opened, initially finding it pretty torrid going, but once Rich got to 21, he let fly. Rob called him through for a quick single off the first ball of what would be his last over, at which point he slugged 6 6 6 6 4 to leave him with jug avoiding figures of 49 not out. Batsmen came and went, Ben got a bag full not out and Rob also made the 25, but the asking rate was very high and most fell to the slog in the interests of the win. Nic was left with around 12 off the last over, scampered runs (and runouts) saw a stream of bats in for the last over, with 5 needed for the win off the last, too much on this wicket, well played Saddoes !

 Note, done from memory so scores probably not accurate.

Match Reporter: PA

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