Match Report: 21st July, 6:00PM, Killigrew, Greenwood Park

Crabtree emulate England at Lords - early collapse

Result: Lost by 4 wickets

Crabtree won the punctuality contest, 17:50 and all 11 players were in attendance and dressed for battle. Meanwhile, Killigrew arrived in dribs and drabs, prepared the wicket and finally at 18:25 we started. Phil won the toss and elected to bat, feeling very confident of his strong batting line-up. Sadly, we then proceeded to fall to 4-4 off four overs, the batsmen finding innovative ways to get out with no real pressure (Phil is exempt, he got a peach that had late swing and just clipped the top of off stump - "not what you expect in a Dad's match" was the comment). Ben (24) and Amit (29no) added ballast to the innings, Graham (18) played with aplomb and some lusty blows to accompany the rest of the required batsmen to the end, they all played with greater shot selection that the first four to get us to a total of 111 which we could at least try to defend.

The cunning plan was that their bats would play much as our top order, sadly they had not read the script. Basically they blasted their way to 60 without loss until Phil delivered a peach baffled the bat but not Steve who whipped off the bails (his glove work was superb yet again, the one thing that has been utterly consistent this season, I think I might be in love). The other big fella retired and Crabtree turned the screws, some very tidy bowling meant that Killigrew had to take care; the fielding overall was superb which contributed to the pressure. Some highlights; Andy's excellent catch, Phil's and Graeme's all round fielding in close ("none shall pass", ignoring the body damage), Phil's stunning catch and of course Steve's glove work (another great stumping late on). Sadly we took too many wickets allowing the opener to return (via a Retired Hurt - stretching for a quick single against the deadly accurate fielding and pulled a hammy - tee hee). Final over, 6 needed to win, the big fella hit the first ball for ...... six.

Good game on a decent wicket, played in excellent spirit. As we lost, we all agreed the four course meal at the King Harry was the highlight - yes, four courses ! (sandwiches, pizza, sausage rolls and chips).

Match Reporter: PA

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