Match Report: 8th June, 6:00PM, Killigrew, Rothampstead Park

Men against boys

Result: Killigrew won by 7 wickets

A glorious dry summers evening, nary a cloud in the sky, what could possibly go wrong ?

Not sure who won the toss, but we ended up batting first, Paul didn't hang around picking out deep mid-on, not helped by a cracked bat. Rich was imperious with boundaries abounding until he skied one to the keeper on 22, great knock, he and Graham (13) set up the stage and Ben blasted a quick 31 to retire, but not before he had bent the oppo skippers finger out of shape so badly that a reset at hospital was needed, which took out two of the field. In true Crabs spirit, we provided spare fielders. Tim arrived, no fanfare but there really should have been a drum roll, first ball pulled for four, second ball straight over cow for six, third ball out to a shooter, great strike rate. Then a succession of run outs and low scores brought Tony to the wicket, he ended supporting Ben upon his recall to end on 16 not out with Ben claiming 38 not out.

Crabtree took the field with optimism, against ordinary opposition (or men), this would be a decent total on a tricky wicket, sadly the oppo just had boys. Wickets were few and far between as the young antipodeans of Killigrew flayed us to all parts. In hindsight, we were probably around 70 short of a competitive total. Killigrew could probably have finished it in ten overs, but once their top order had all but retired, they sent in a couple of more mature players who politely slowed things down to take it to the 15th over. A solitary wicket apiece for Nick and Ian, a bit of a pounding for Phil, and a stunning run out from deep mid-wicket direct hit from Ben (on the run) were the highlights. Comedy moment kindly provided by Ben; one of their Aussies launched a six so big it sailed over the tall hedge at long on, Ben fielding at long on sprinted after it tracking it over his shoulder  in the vain hope that it would touch down at some point, and promptly ran straight into said hedge providing light relief for all, although it did hold up play as he took some time to disentangle and reappear, the ball was gone for good. There is a suspicion he did this on purpose, but doubts exist that he meant to go that hard and fast into it.

Top nosh back at the Engineer, Killigrew skipper reported back to say surgery was being planned, so I guess we won that battle.

Match Reporter: Paul A

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