Match Report: 15th June, 6:00PM, SFDWP, Rothampstead Park

Crabtree first win of the season

Result: Win

Rain threatened all day but we got a clear if slightly chilly run at it.

Ben D kindly offered to field first as the oppo were still a man or two shy at the start time. Did not start well, with a certain distinguished member letting a gently pushed drive go straight through his legs for 4, the match reporter was not amused, nearly a double tea pot. Saddoes had a few bats, with biffing ability, intentionally limiting themselves to selected shots (in the arc and cow). Decent bowling all around, very good ground fielding although Ben N did put down a sitter on the boundary (sprinted 30 yards to get a  fingertip to it at full stretch, four, tea pot, glares, "it's in the book Ben" and "Head up Ben"). Nic injured himself in his first run up, scratch, rub back, try again, nope, off for some deep heat. Fortunately for the replacement bowler, this goes down as Nic's over, the stats should reflect that. Bowling highlights were Phil recovering from his mauling last week admirably (expect nothing less for a county player of his ability) and Matt R, bowled a decent length and the batsmen found him very difficult to get away, credit to Matt of course, but also to his bowling coach, Matt also picked up a good wicket, a delight to watch. Superb glove (and occasional chest) man ship by Graham behind the sticks, the rare sight of him be-helmeted had us in fits (apart from Ben N, helmet owner, too much sweat apparently, or maybe the wrong kind of sweat).

Usual Crabs approach to the batting order ("who hasn't had a go lately ?"). Saddoes started with a father and son combo, son a bit quick and tasty, Dad more wily and got wickets. Rich took the brunt of the lad and was a bit more than gruntled when he misplayed one once the lad had been seen off. Bats came and went, slightly behind the rate, but Ben N came in and hit a rare 6, plus 19 other runs to time his retirement perfectly on 25. Then Nick T and Ben D polished it off, perfectly measured innings each, Ben hitting to spaces, Nick hitting to the field for hasty singles (111111111111) then something awoke Nick (think he realised Ben was pulling ahead) and bish bash bosh, finished with an over and a bit to spare, Ben D 23, Nick T 24.

Engineer, chili-con-carne, jar, happy.

Match Reporter: Gary

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