Match Report: 3rd May, 6:00PM, Manland, Rothampstead Park

Result: Lost

 Anyone who's watched any Cricket on telly will know that the standard response when your team is badly beaten is to try to 'take the positives' from the game.

 So here I go...

 ***Whilst getting bowled out for 64 in the first game of the season was bad, fans of the IPL may know that Royal Challengers Bangalore got bowled out for even less (49) less than two weeks before and they were boasting the top three Twenty20 batsmen in the world!

 ***It was freezing so in getting bowled out for 64 in only 14 overs, whilst pretty poor, meant less time out in the arctic conditions and more time in the pub.

 ***It meant, hopefully, the only from here was up!

 ***At 20/7 the final total of 64 actually represented a pretty decent tailend fightback! Thanks to Gary, Muddy and Ian who showed great resolve with some lusty hitting to get us to something rather less embarrassing! 

 Manland lost a few wickets in chasing the total down and the Crabtree bowlers manfully made them fight hard to win, losing a few wickets on the way. Highlight of the fielding effort was Nic Hale jumping out the way of one at mid off from Chesney! Thankfully, this made Muddy so angry that he pinned him bang in front to dismiss him lbw in the next over.

 A bad start to the season but hopefully it can't get any worse!!!

Match Reporter: Ben Newton

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