Match Report: 11th July, 6:00PM, Manland, Rothampstead Park

Manland Crowded Out

Result: Won by 14 runs

 It's been a lean time for The Mighty Men of Crab in the last few years against the Manlands Massive, not winning a match against them for some time.

 So it was with excitement, apprehension and opportunity ringing in the ears of the eleven, sorry ten, err I mean 9...nope wrong again, 8 men who turned up at 6 o clock to do battle with the old enemy. (Amit was en route and Gareth eventually turned up in the second innings!)

 The Crabs batted first on what was a tricky wicket, to say the least. in spite of this they managed to get to a more-than-defendable 156 for 5 from their 20 overs. JDK, Ben and CVS all retiring for 25+ complemented by some lusty hitting at the end by Sally Dearman's son Jake. 

 In truth Manlands chase never really got going thanks to some tight bowling by Bendy and Sally's son Jake getting Chesney out for a duck. Every bowler bowled economically but particular mention must go to Dearman.B 2 overs 0 for 5, Threlfall.N 2 overs 0 for 9 and Blanchard.I 2 overs 2 for 9. 

 The men of crabs finished the innings with a 5 man slip cordon and every single fielder in catching positions to win the match by 14 runs. A sweet victory made sweeter by a post match beer that quenched the thirst even more than usual thanks to the victory and the warm weather. 

 Attention now turns to the season finale on the Common in September with Crabs 1.5 - 0.5 up in the Cinders needing a rain off, tie or Victory to wrestle the Cinders back.

Match Reporter: Ben Newton

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