Match Report: 4th May, 6:00PM, Crabtree, Rothampstead Park

Result: Crabtree Won!

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Match Report: 6th May, 6:00PM, Manland, Rothampstead Park

Season Opener

Result: Lost by 6 wickets

Crabtree 107 -3 (18 overs)
Manland 111 – 4 (16 overs)

Season opener, after 4 months of indoor nets what would it be like out in the middle. Only 6 at the warm up game 2 days before, was this a sign of confidence?  

A good positive start from Nick T 26no, Ally R 24 and Ian B 15 with plenty of aggressive running, put up 67 off 11 . Thereafter tighter bowling especially from Wedd & Tizzard at the end restricted us to 107. Despite tidy early bowling and wickets (for Ben D, Neil D, Nick T and Ian B) the Wedd / Tizzard combo saw Manland home with 2 overs to spare. Several examples of the worst of Crabtree catching, no names mentioned, but you know who you are !. Then it was off to the Amble Inn to plot our revenge before election fever took over.

Well done to Ben for captaining, it just wasn’t his night either on the pitch or in the ballot box.

Match Reporter: Chris Horn

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Match Report: 11th May, 6:00PM, Royal vet College, Rothampstead Park

Result: Match Cancelled

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Match Report: 13th May, 6:00PM, SFDWP, Rothampstead Park

Result: Won by 3 wickets

SFDWP 114 – 8 (20 overs)
Crabtree 115 – 7 (19.3 overs)

Sad Fat Dads with Pads, veterans of last season’s charity tournament, play the first T 20 against Crabtree, quickly showing that the first half of their moniker wasn’t entirely accurate as Church & Holmes both got unbeaten 20’s and were beyond 70 at the half way mark including a Chris H over of 13 runs, 2 wickets (and a dropped catch). Great comeback by the proper bowlers, especially Ben D 6 off 2 overs, Nick T 9 off 3 and Ian B 9 off 3 plus 2 wickets. Major surprise was that we held 2 catches, Neil D almost taking a third, just missing the deflection through the branches of the tree. Gary captained, lots of arm waving and shouting more than compensating for no discernable knowledge of fielding positions, (his own admission). Silly mid off anyone ?

Ben, 22 & Simon J, 17 put on 47 for the first in 6 overs but just as it looked comfortable the wickets fell, at 71 for 5 it was game on as SFDWP capt’n (Peter) Cook took a blinding diving catch at cover to dismiss Nick T, (good field placing Pete, Dud would never have reached it.) In the exact opposite of England’s storming finish against Sri Lanka, also on in a nearby park, in St Lucia, Crabtree played the long game, 10 needed off 3, 7 off 2, 5 off 1, until, eventually, we got there. Chris H finishing on 26, of which a minimum of 25 he happily admits were on the leg side.

Great oppo, well into the Crabtree ethos, it’s not the winning that matters so long as there’s a pint after. Thanks “Saddos” for lending us a fielder throughout their innings, hopefully they’ll become regular opposition in future seasons.

Match Reporter: Chris Horn

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Match Report: 27th May, 6:00PM, Garden Fields, TBC

Couldn't chase down 97!

Result: Couldn't chase down 97!

The facts

Date: 27 May 2010  Venue: Verulamium Park 

Weather: Sunny

Garden Fields CC 97 for 9 beat Crabtree CC 91 for 5 by 6 runs

The report as at 8:30 pm 27 May

Having bowled and fielded like professionals Crabtree are on the verge of victory. Garden Fields were restricted to 97 off their allocated 20 overs. A varied opening bowling attack pinned the batsmen down. Matthew Gray (3-0-8-0) with accurate left arm seam and Simon (2-0-6-0) with well placed snowballs (maybe ice given the altitude they came from). Andy (2-0-10-0) kept the pressure on but Chris H(3-0-26-1) decided to make a game of it, despite being helped by Jonty with the coolest catch under pressure ever seen.  The crowd was woken from their slumber by a revelation – a wicket from Rawlinson! Then they realised it was the good looking one – Neal (2-0-14-2). Sanity (and genetics) was reaffirmed when he bowled a number of wides.  The tail was then pinned down by Chris P (3-0-12-1), Ian (3-0-7-3) and  Paul (2-1-3-0). Yes, that does mean maiden.  Fred continued his rehabilitation by taking two catches – one a proper one. Skipper unable to bowl organised the field well and established the fact that he could catch one out of two.
Batting was made to look easy by Simon (17) and Paul (20) once Jonty (4) had decided he wanted to umpire. Nick (7) struck a good 4 – victory was in our hands.

The report as at 9:00pm 27 May

Devastated, we can’t chase.  Four overs to go we needed 18 runs.  The old man, couldn’t get the strike (and when he could, couldn’t hit the ball) finished 10no.  The good looking one got stranded and got out (9).  The speedy pretend teacher (History and German!) found it difficult to get started, finished 7no.
To be fair the opposition bowled well and badly in equal measures – both types hard to get away on that wicket.

The end

Ps not the end – don’t ask Simon about parking.


Match Reporter: Ian Blanchard

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Match Report: 9th June, 6:00PM, Final CC, Greenwood Park

Crabtree Back to winning ways.

Result: Win by 40 runs

Following back to back defeats something radical had to be done to get Crabtree back in victory mode. Hence a strong 1st X1 was selected to take on Final CC at Greenwood Park. Al Rawlinson was inserted as skipper for the evening and his Benitez like team talk obviously had the desired effect.

Crabtree chose to bat first and after early wickets of Baker ( 7 ) and Hale ( 9 ),  Arnerich and Bowman came together and really pushed the score along with knocks of 27 ret and 22 respectively. Skipper Rawlinson came to the crease to produce his usual tally of lusty blows and quick running turning two’s into three’s and soon retired on 25. ( a suggestion has been made by everyone who bats with Al that the Club kit back should contain at least one defibrulator !!! ). Good batting continued with Jenkins ( 12 no ) and Blanchard ( 21 no ) to give Crabtree a commanding 154 for 4 by close of innings. It is worth noting that we were helped to a certain extent by our highest scorer – Extras on 31. The last over, bowled somewhat coincidentally by someone called Alastair, conceded 7 wides !!!

Final CC were always going to struggle to reach this total and soon fell below the required run rate following good opening spells from Bowman and Payne. Two of their first three batsmen retired on 25 but by then the task was too much, particularly as Crabtree had several good bowlers to come on. Baker ( 2 overs for 6 ) and Arnerich ( 2 overs for 7 ) were notably economic plus tidy overs from “Torvill” Jenkins, Blanchard, Horn and the skipper. Bravely the skipper threw the ball to Jonty ( which he dropped ) entrusting him with two overs which, for once, were bowled straight and might have had two wickets if Chris Horn had been 9’6” !!

Worth noting that Rawlinson pulled off one spectacular diving catch. There were however a few spilled chances but it would be wrong in the extreme to name names !!!

Final reached 114 for 4 giving Crabtree a well earned victory.

Match Reporter: Jonty

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Match Report: 16th June, 6:00PM, Manland, Rothampstead Park

Our biggest 20 over total !

Result: CCC 170/3; Manland 171/3

Glorious summers evening, first time as captain for Crabtree, Nick T did the decent thing and won the toss, elected to bat. Al and Chris P started off at a fine rate, great hitting by Al and excellent running by Chris saw us to 40 after 3 overs. AL soon retured on 37 not out, Chris chasing the runs was our first of three run outs. With Paul A at the crease the lusty blows stopped but first Simon (until Paul cruelly ran him out - run number 2) and then Nick T carried on the good work at the other end. More fine running, Paul's various injuries caused the field to laugh at his attempts at running rather than chase the ball, top tactic. Paul was caught on the boundary by Weddy (again) on 27, in releif he walked off in spite of the umpire calling a loud no ball, so the book says retired hurt (feelings probably). Nick retired the next over on 25 which bought the Ian B(otham)/Jonty partnership to the crease. Just sit back and enjoy, Ian 19 (run out number 3) off 13 balls, and Jonty 25 (caught - splitter !) off 15 balls, superb. Chris H and Darren played out the best of the bowling to finish on possibly our highest 20 over total of 170 for 3.
Game over ! Ummm...not quite.

Manland took off after the total from ball 1, they kept apace with the run rate all the way through, with some very lusty blows and fine running. We had a few successes along the way, a great catch from Ian, a c&b from Paul and a fine middle stump job from Al. All the bowlers took some tap, the exceptions being Al with fine figures of 2 overs 1 wicket for 6 runs, and Nick and Ian. Paul took the most tap (2 overs, 1 wicket for 28 - Mick (Mr T) Tizzard hit his last three balls for six, losing two balls along the way, surprised there were no window breakages as he seemed to intentionally pick the longest boundaries and then added 50 yards - dirty dog). Nick T and Ian bowled the death overs with the game lost, a delight to see all fielders in close for the last few and with another 18 runs in the bank (or 18 runs less from Mick (Mr T) Tizzard) we would have have challenged, but the topped our score with 1.5 overs to spare. 340 runs in 38.5 overs is not half bad, Manland very much enjoyed themselves, we put up a good challenge but fell short. Special mention to Fred behind the sticks, not one bye, superb ! A few very very hard dropped catches along the way, but Manland's awesome top 6 did the business.

Match Reporter: Paul A

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Match Report: 22nd June, 6:00PM, Royal vet College, TBC

Result: Cancelled

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Match Report: 24th June, 6:00PM, Stags, Rothampstead Park

Result: Lost by 10 runs!

A very typical and almost perfect Crabtree game.
Typical; we lost the loss, started with 9 men (half an innings with ten!), performed very well but competed against what turned out to be a very strong opposition.
Almost perfect; all eleven players bowled well, all eleven players batted and scored runs, dropped two catches but having being up with the run rate for most of the evening just fell short at the end.

Star turns with the bat;  Neil 33, Tim 23 and Chris 17.  All bowlers performed well it’s just that some met good batsmen. Nobody embarrassed themselves in the field and three good catches were held by Chris, Daniel and Phil (the ¾ of a match man).

The opposition played the game to a very high and very fair standard. As usual an excellent fare in the Engineer afterwards.

Almost @~?£$# perfect!

Match Reporter: Ian Blanchard

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Match Report: 30th June, 6:00PM, Garden Fields, Rothampstead Park

Result: Win by 35 runs

CCC 177 for 7, GF 142 for 4;  Win by 35 runs

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Match Report: 4th July, 2:00PM, Carpenters Arms, Rothampstead Park

3 wickets for only 1 run secures the draw!

Result: 188 all out - DRAW

Well as Sunday games go, this turned out to be as exciting as some of our mid-week 20/20 games.       

Having won the toss (A rare occurance this season), Ian decided to bat 1st to save us having to field in the scorching mid-day sun.  A cunning plan indeed & one that worked well, as we progressed to 51 for 1 of the 10 overs.  This run rate continued to 102 for 4 off 20 and a late flurry took us to 188 all out off 36 overs.  Special mention to Tim who scored 44, before being caught just short of his 50 L, plus Graham R, who scored 56, including 9 boundries!!!    (Well you don’t have to run for them do you)

The Carpenters laid on a great lunch, (Most of which had been consumed by the 1 year old son of one of their players..) and we took to the field in the mind that we may be 20 runs short of a winning score…..Little did we know what was in store.

The Capenters started well and with one of their batsman lasting all bar 2 of their overs, it was a very tight game, which saw them get to the stage of only needing 1 run off the last 4 overs, with 3 wickets remaining.            No chance most would say, yet this is Crabtree Dads we are talking about here.      So in came the field bravely, up stepped our last 3 bowlers Tim/Nick/Ian & quite incredibly the game ended in a tie.  Yes we took their last 3 wickets for just 1 run…….   

Great excitement for the last wicket, when Nick T having initially softened up their last batsman, with a bouncer to the bonce, then sent another ball flying to his mid-rift.  All the batsman could do was to put his bat out in self defence and up the ball looped,      For one horrible moment, it looked as if it was heading to Jonty, but to everyones relief it fell to young Matt Arnerich (The Arnerich that can catch) & the game was tied…

Off our overs, Matt bowled very well for 24 for 1, Neil 1 (A very special wicket) for 30, Tim 29 for 2… yet special mention has to go to Charlie Yates with figures of 6-1-17-0 / Ian B 6-2-13-2 & Nick T 7.1-1-27-4.

All that remains is for us to carry this form and belief into our next Suday game when we play Manland….. Which we must & will win!!!

Match Reporter: Al Rawlinson

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Match Report: 8th July, 6:00PM, St John Fisher, Rothampstead Park

Result: Lost by 1 wicket

CCC 144 for 6, SJF 145 for 9 ;  Loss by 1 wicket

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Match Report: 13th July, 6:00PM, Verulam, Verulamium Park

The Nine Prevail!

Result: Won by 8 runs

A tactic occasionally bemoaned in the opposition was deployed, although not with pre-planning, successfully by Crabtree.  Andy was left two men short by late cry-offs.  As he was exhausted mentally and physically by the weight of his mobile he asked yours truly to captain on the pitch.

Simon (26 no) and Tim (45no) laid the foundations to the win. Tim rejoining the fray at the end of the innings with great success.  At one stage we threatened Crabtree’s highest score as we were 56-0 in the 6th over. However a middle order stutter was saved by Darren’s late onslaught (25no).  Somebody dipping his toe into the muddy waters of strop the year was Paul after yours truly refused to sacrifice his own wicket. I hope you apologised to Rob!

Verulum were always kept behind the run rate by all of our bowlers.  The captain was pleased that his tactic of keeping Simon until the end paid off this time.  In fact the only criticism I will accept is that I gave away too many sausages to the the pub.


Match Reporter: Ian Blanchard

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Match Report: 15th July, 6:00PM, Park Street Dads, Rothampstead Park

Result: Win by 6 wickets

PARK  ST  DADS    122 for 6      CRABTREE  123 for 5

Crabtree took the field first on a very windy evening at Rothampstead.  Tight spells by Chris P and Paul A followed By Dan C , Richard B and Steve S kept their score low till their star player came in and with their captain put on a quick 50.  Andy B, Al R,and Ben D then all took a wicket and Nick T finished off  with a fine spell of 2 for 14 off 3 overs.

Our fielding was excellent highlighted by a high boundary catch by Richard B. Their score of 123 was a creditable total in the awkward conditions.

Enter our batsmen. A fine catch on the boundary repaid Richard B. Fred E alias West in the scorebook showed us all what he could do with a broken bat hitting a  straight six [his first ever]. A cultured display by Nick T [28] and Al R [ 22] together with a battling 18 from Steve S kept us on target setting up a match winning innings of 18 by Andy B ,back to his old best. 

So we won with one over to go. Well captained Al R.

Match Reporter: Graham Reid

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Match Report: 22nd July, 6:00PM, Killigrew, TBC

Crabtree 95-7 off 20 overs, K’grew won with three overs to spare

Result: Lost by 7 wickets

There must be something about playing Killigrew – dark skies, rain interruptions, but this time no lightning strikes. Steve H won the toss and chose to bat on a flat if green tinged wicket, but wickets fell at regular intervals against some accurate and fast Killigrew bowling allied to some ambitious shots perhaps too early in the innings. Ian B anchored the innings with 26*, then Neil D (21 incl his customary sweet struck six), and Andy B (12) injected some much needed runs and acceleration against their quickies at the end. 95 – 7 felt like a fair recovery having been 64 – 5 after 15, and a defendable total. Probably one of the best bowling sides we’ve played against.

It then poured down for a little while and Jonty and myself served as chief towellers, drying a damp ball. Dan C, Nick T and Matt G kept it tight in the first few overs and Ian B returned a spell of 3 overs 1 for 6, but by then their opening pair had added over 40 and the target was looking a formality with wickets in hand – their openers running very well and turning ones in to twos. Neil and Nick chipped in with wickets to raise the pressure for a while but Killigrew were home and dry (!) with 3 overs to spare.  A good overhead catch by Phil W, no dropped catches, but three near run-outs – and on another day, if one of those had gone our way, it might have been a very close run thing. Well captained Steve.

Match Reporter: Simon Jarvis

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Match Report: 25th July, 2:00PM, The Holly Bush, Rothampstead Park

Crabtree 166 – 9 (35 overs), IotB won with 5 overs to go

Result: Lost by 4 wickets

For those of us who rarely play the longer version of the game, you forget the pleasures of an afternoon match, although most of us seemed to have carried our 20/20 practices over and managed to get out to aggressive shots. Our early flourish meant we were scoring at a reasonable rate but at about 100 for 6 after 22 overs it looked seriously like we were not going to see out the 35. Darren P played very well for a jug avoiding 49, receiving solid support from Jonty (whose strike rate we won’t mention!), but all the other batsmen were quickly in and out for low scores. Neil D (14), Ashley W (11*) and Charley Y (18) got the total up to 166 off all 35 overs, which was a lot more than this correspondent thought we’d get – especially given the variable bounce of the pitch. Credit to IotB’s bowling – fast bowling (McKenzie & Gloak brothers) supported by some good spin (Croot at one stage bowled 4 overs for 3 runs, Hankin 3 - 28). 2 nd highest scorer was extras with 37. And mention also to the first time a foreign language was heard in a Crabtree fixture – Afrikaans!

Spirits high after the batting recovery and a superb tea (who can forget the delicately arranged lettuce on the tray of sandwiches!). And this carried on to the field with a quite superb bowling display from Charlie Y ( – fast and swinging the ball prodigiously, and helping Neil D pick up wickets at the other end (3 – 28). IotB were 9 – 1 off 8 overs and we felt we were in with a chance. But McKenzie had other ideas. In a quite blistering innings of hard hitting in which he was brutal on the slow bowlers, ending up on 92*, he single-handedly took the game away from us. Darren P continued his golden day with his first wickets for Crabtree and creditable analyses of 2– 23 from his 7 overs. Late wickets, including a consolation one for your correspondent, meant that we could dream what might have been if we had managed to get McKenzie early in his innings. Fantastic keeping by Graham R including 2 catches, and only 1 droppe d catch – a real stinger to Paul A which he did well to get fingers to. All round good fielding and plenty of exercise for Andy B on the cow corner boundary.

A good match played in good spirit, ending up at the Engineer – IotB fines were amusing, even if we got caught up in some of them - suggestion for us to consider fines in the future (or at the end of season bash)? Also to be minuted that we agreed with IotB that, as we only play each other once a year, the home team pays the full ground fees.

Match Reporter: Simon Jarvis

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Match Report: 4th August, 6:00PM, Final CC, Rothampstead Park

Result: Cancelled due to rain

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